Santa Cruz Tallboy 5 CC X01 29" MTB Ultra Blauw 2023

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The Tallboy has appealed to many riders over the last few years. those looking for a bike to go racing or those who want to spend all day in the saddle scouring the most beautiful trails on long rides. If there was ever an XC bike for downhill riders. it would be the Tallboy.


The same ride quality regardless of size: proportional geometry and stiffness adapted to the frame size
Chainstay length and seat tube angle are proportional to frame size (i.e. the former increases and the latter opens with size) so that every rider. regardless of size. benefits from the same balanced geometry and handling.
We modify the stiffness according to the size of the frame to provide the same ride quality for all users. Larger riders put more strain on larger frames (and vice versa). but we address this by setting a size-specific frame stiffness.
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