Kalkhoff Endeavour 5.B Move+ 625 Easy Entry Elektrische Fiets Mat Grijs 2023

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The unmistakable Kalkhoff look. with integrated battery and invisible wiring. combined with great robustness. The 5+ series convinces with a load capacity of up to 170 kilograms and offers maximum stability. comfort and flexibility.


A two-wheeled car substitute.
Reach any destination with ease and comfort. Whether on the city's asphalt or the forest paths to the lake. Get around flexibly and spontaneously. simply bypassing rush-hour traffic. Thanks to the powerful Bosch Performance Smart System and the robust Plus+ concept. this EAB allows you to ride more efficiently than a car. Particularly practical: the MIK HD luggage rack not only carries shopping and luggage. but can also be combined with a child seat.
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